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  • Rigorously Tested for Killing 99.9% Contagious Viruses: Antibacterial Mask

  • World's No.1 Silver Patent Technology 

  • Surface Protection & Antibacterial Silver Protection

  • Reusable Over 1 Year 

  • FDA Registered Mask


K-BIOTECH TEAM: Offering America's No.1 Healthcare Products

Q2 Headache & Migraine Smart Therapy Device: USA PATENT


[K-BIOTECH ALANCE] Air Compression

Back Stretch Massage Mat: Shoulder, Back Pains 


ALANCE Air Compression Massager 

  • FDA Registered, Patented Multi Air-Chamber Technology

  • Air Inflation, Deflation Resembling Yoga Stretching Exercises

  • Provides Ultimate Total Body Relaxations 

  • Relives Pains for Shoulder, Back, and Leg

  • Promotes Good Circulation in the Leg & Whole Body

  • 8 Massage Intensities with 5 Massage Direction Programs

  • Easy to Use with Console Controller & Remote 

[K-BIOTECH ALANCE] Air Compression

Leg Massager: Thigh, Knee, Foot

Pain Relief & Good Circulation


[K-BIOTECH ALANCE] Air Compression

Pelvic Massager: Waist Slimmer & Circulation


Headache & Insomnia Relief


K-Biotech IAN EAR Accu-Pressure Massager 

  • World's First Accu-presssure Patented Technology 

  •  Provides Relaxing Stimulation for Ear Vagus Nervous System

  •  Promotes Deeper State of Sleep with Headache Relief. 

  • IAN Massager gently prods your ear, the only part of the human body through which the vagus nerve can be physically stimulated.

  • Stimulation of vagus nerve is a safe therapeutic practice, certified by World Health Organization (WHO).

  • The Vagus nerve carries 75% of all parasympathetic nerves, which control the function of the body at rest. 



K-Biotech Inc. has been established since 2017 in California. Our team has been fully committed to providing America's number-one healthcare products to enhance homecare and offer innovative products for American people. Our CEO, Mr. Kang believes "we can together bring better and more affordable home healthcare solutions for Americans with cutting-edge technology." 

“Best Reusable Mask I ever had! The K-Biotech Silver Wire Mask is surely worth to try, it provides remarkably comfortable fitting and ultimate protection in mind.”

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“K-Biotech air compression massagers are top-notch products with patented technology for ultimate relaxation of the whole body and mind. K-Biotech massagers are especially beneficial for reducing back pains and rejuvenating the thigh and calf muscles.”

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