K-Biotech IAN Ear Accu-Pressure Massager

K-Biotech IAN Ear Accu-Pressure Massager

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K-Biotech IAN Ear Accupressure Massager provides therapuetic massaging, which relieves your headache, migraine symptoms and supports your better sleep, engineered with patented accupressure technology.


  • The massager gently prods your ear, the only part of the human body through which the vagus nerve can be physically stimulated. Stimulation of vagus nerve is a therapeutic practice that has been certified by World Health Organization (WHO)

  • The Vagus nerve carries 75% of all parasympathetic nerves, which control the function of the body at rest. The process is completely safe and non-invasive.

  • Ear acupressure is recommended for all patients and has no harmful side-effects.

  • The headset is designed to fit all ears and offers a diverse variety of rhythms and pressures in four distinct modes.

  • Offers a variety of pin arrangements that constitute the relaxing process and allow for precise pressure to acupressure points.

  • K-Biotech is proud to offer authentic and quality IAN Ear Massager on our storefront.


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