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AMO SILVER WIRE 99.9% Antibacterial Premium-MASK is an ultimate antibacterial, antivirus protection mask.


  • The AMO antibacterial mask is engineered by the patented, silver mesh technology, which achieves 99.9% Antibacterial Effects, proven by Rigorous Testing against highly resistant bacteria.

  • The moisture absorbing polyester fabric blocks airbone particles.

  • The AMO technology is offered as a reusable mask, which can be worn over 1 Year as hand-washing for keeping the same, antibacterial performance.

  • The AMO Silver Wire mask is distributed by K-Biotech Inc. (San Jose, California).


1. 99.9% Antibacterial Effects of AMO Silver Wire Mesh:

  • Made of pure silver based, twisted mesh that provides excellent antibacterial and anti-odor properties.

  • Antibacterial Test (Testing per standards of AATCC: American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists & Korean Standard K 0693)

  • Staphylococcus aureus ATCC6538, Klebsiella pneumonia ATCC4352; Testing demonstrated both bacteria killed by 99.9%


2. Provides Double Blocking Protections against Airborne Particles:

  • First Protection Provided with polyester fabric with property of low moisture absorption

  • Second Protection with AMO SILVER WIRE MESH patented antibacterial technology


3. The Silver Wire Mask has been Registered with the FDA.


4. Excellent antibacterial, antivirus protection is maintained even after 100 times of hand-washing:

  • Unlike a disposable mask, AMO Protection Mask can be reworn and hand-washed to remove dirts, and are allowed to be reused as a clean mask without breaking its shape or form of the Silver Mesh protection structure.

  • Antibacterial Performance Retention Test

(Washing Method: KS K ISO6330: 2006, Water Temperature: 40+/-3C, Hang Dry) Testing has verified after 100 times of hand-washing, 99.9% Antibacterial effects have been maintained for AMO Silver Wire Protection Masks.



  • Mask Silver Mesh Protection can be rotated depending on indoor/outdoor setting and fitting comfort

  • Outdoor use for complete blockage

  • Indoor use for more breathable fit


1.We recommend hand-washing of AMO Mask after the first use.
2.Use cold or lukewarm water with neutral detergent with hand washing
3.Alkaline (laundry soap) is strictly prohibited
4.Washing the wire area with too much force may lead to the wire damage.

5.Consult with doctor for user who may have respiratory medical conditions prior to use.

6.Stop use and consult with doctor if any medical condition, shortness of breath, or discomforts are experienced.



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